The Netherlands

The Passion Play is a five-yearly cultural event in Tegelen, depicting the Easter story: Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, the Last Supper, his sentence, the Stations of the Cross and his death on the cross on Calvary’s mountain. The play attracts thousands of visitors from far and wide and was last performed in 2010.
Passiespelen in Tegelen has a wonderful series of YouTube videos showing some of their 2010 performance, as well as more recent footage.

Visit their site to view them. Please also visit the English version of their site here.



“RIOGORDO PASS”: Representation of the life, passion and death of Jesus Christ, Good Friday and Holy Saturday 29 and 30 March 2013.

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A passion play from Puglia, Italy.

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South Africa

The Passion Play of Cape Town has been ‘proclaiming “He’s Alive!” in churches, schools, neighbourhoods and theatres across the Cape Peninsula since 1998′. Visit their website here.

This Passion Play is part of the Passion Plays Ministries International. Visit their website here. From a humble beginning in Denver, CO in 1985, to Las Vegas, NV and eventually 18 cities world wide Passion Play Ministries International has been reaching out to communities with the greatest message of hope that the world has ever known.

Passion Play 2012-43_002


 Moogerah Passion Play a video of the Mooderah Passion Play here and visit their website here

The Moogerah Passion Play is a dramatic account of the Passion of Christ (His life, death and resurrection). Such plays have been performed by communities in Europe down through the ages, to teach others the central truths of the Bible.

The Moogerah Passion Play uses up to 100 actors, technicians, backstage and front-of-house helpers etc. Up to eleven denominations are involved in this ecumenical event each year. Performances take place in an open-air auditorium on the shores of beautiful Lake Moogerah, in South-East Queensland, Australia.

Only two things are necessary (it couldn’t be simpler). The belief or faith just mentioned and a sense of our own wrong-doing (sin). We can unload the burden, and this is what Jesus Christ is  all about. Some of us carry around enormous burdens (e.g. anxiety, guilt, stress) quite unnecessarily. Please know that Jesus Christ has asked us to come to Him, please know that  He is waiting for you to drop your burden at His feet, please know that if you can do it you will grow ten feet tall, please know that He will love you…


Turramurra Passion Play

Visit their website here for a fascinating scene by scene commentary and here for film clips from the pay.

The vision for the play was to tell the story of Easter in a contemporary way, and to grab hold of its meaning without resorting to “historical correctness”.   Attempting and/or claiming to present an “accurate” account of the events of The Passion – the death and resurrection of Jesus the Nazarene – is going to be futile – critics and audiences alike will spend more time finding the chink in the accuracy of the production, as Mel Gibson has found, than they will engaging with the story.

The main backbone of the script comes from the Gospel of Luke, and is based on the modern paraphrase translation by Eugene Peterson known as “The Message“.    Peterson’s ultra-contemporary American idiom sometimes jars, but he has adopted a scholarly approach to the task of bring the ancient texts to life in modern language.

If you want to stage your own Passion Play:

If you belong to a church or community theatre group which would be interested in staging a Passion Play of your own, the team from the Turramurra Passion is keen to assist, with general guidance, sharing our vision and journey, and even possibly sharing the script.

Contact the Director, Dave Cornford, if you would like to discuss some ideas for further development.


Perth Passion Play

Another testament to the Passion Plays taking place across the world, Perth, Australia. Here is a photo from the event. For more information on the Perth Passion Play, contact Rupert De Klee



Louisiana State Penitentiary

Read testimonies from the 2013 performance of ‘The Life of Jesus Christ’ at the following link: Testimonies October 2013.

See also behind the scenes of ‘The Life of Jesus Christ’.

‘The Life of Jesus Christ’ is a two hour play performed by a cast of offenders from Louisiana State Penitentiary and Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women. It depicts the complete story of Jesus’ life and resurrection. It is now being made into a feature documentary called CAST THE FIRST STONE.

In early 2012, 75 actors and one theater director, all inmates at Angola Prison and Louisiana Correctional Institution for Women, came together to put on the performance of their lives. The cast and crew, made up of murderers and robbers, thieves and prostitutes, and no doubt a few wrongly convicted, prepared two yeas to put on a public performance of the life of Jesus Christ in the largest prison production of a Passion Play ever. CAST THE FIRST STONE is a feature documentary about the most powerful and popular story in history. In a place with little hope of freedom, where 95% of the men who enter the gates perish, the story of a man who sacrifices his life to save the wretched of the Earth, resonates deeply.

Read feature articles about the Angola Passion Play here:

Passion play – Economist 15 May 2012

Article by J Bernett.

Read Another Article Here 



Over 90 Passion groups come together from 15 countries of Europe to form the EUROPASSION.

The interpretation of the Passion has a long tradition in Europe. Today, Passion Plays are performed in many European localities, and in addition to that there are a lot of representations of the Passion and Passion processions in the lead up to Easter.

“The presence of community renders us happy. St. Paul taught us to not proceed next to each other, but together. Jesus tells us that in some way we have to hate our life: activities, associations, groups… in order to make us understand that our life is not just for us, that if we want it just for ourselves, we won’t find it but lose it. Life is not receiving, it is giving ourselves. If we don’t give ourselves to others, we can’t receive.

The experience of the Europassion constantly lets us experience a so far unexplored pathway, so that we can continue to grow.Surmounting a self-referred vision of our own experience obligates us to confront a regional, national, European and universal horizon. That is why a new vision, not fragmentary, is necessary. Unity doesn’t mean uniformity. A spiritual energy, stronger and more attentive to cultural elaboration, a more evident solidarity in order to be recognised as bearers of hope, to help the people and communities grow.”

Mons. Fausto Panfili
Chaplain of the Europassion


Find a Passion Play



Abingdon, Oxford
Auchtermuchty (Nativity)
Bury St Edmunds
Cardiff (Nativity)
Isle of Man
Passion Plays on Tour
Southampton (Nativity)
South Woodham Ferrers
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Worth Abbey

Passion Plays take place across the country at various times throughout each year.
Here is a list of the plays that we are aware of. If we have missed any out, please let us know so we can add them to the list! You can also browse through the Passion Plays listed by viewing our Interactive Map.

Aberdeen Passion



Written and Directed by Andrew Sykes


7 Performances in 7 Intimate Venues across the North East of Scotland:

Doors open at 7pm with the performance beginning at 7.30pm and lasting for approximately 1 hour. Each performance will be followed by a time of fellowship over refreshments. ALL PERFORMANCES ARE FREE TO ATTEND. AN OPPORTUNITY WILL BE GIVEN TO DONATE TOWARDS THE COST OF STAGING EACH PERFORMANCE.

Pontius Pilate, Governor of Judea for 10 tumultuous years has returned to Rome, his career over. The man who judged Jesus is now under judgement himself. He has time to reflect on his decisions, the mistakes he made that led to conflict and loss of life, and time to reflect on the time he spent with Jesus.

This is a brand new short play exploring the life of Pilate, the man who made the decision to send Jesus to the cross. Playing in seven intimate venues across the North East of Scotland, “Pilate: A Man of Mistakes and Missed Opportunities” is a new venture from the Aberdeen Passion project.






The Aberdeen Passion: One Hope will be staged 18th and 19th April 2014 at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre. 

Tickets are on sale from the 6th January 2014 from the Aberdeen Box Office.

onehope-slide-710x300It started like a beat, a pulse, a heartbeat, a drum, growing louder – something is happening. Children are running, people are joining, crowds are growing, the Messiah is coming. God has arrived and he has an announcement to make “I’m here to claim this city, I’m here to claim this country and I’m here to claim this world”


The Aberdeen Passion 2014 once again takes us back to 1st century Jerusalem. It is a city is under occupation whose people feel God has abandoned them….their hope is fading.

But news begins to spread – a man has rode into the city on a donkey, just as the prophecies foretold! Is this the Messiah? Excitement rushes through the passover city, causing hope to flare and grow. During this holy time when the people celebrate their rescue is this God really come down to rescue them again?

Everyone wants to hear what he says….even just to see him.

But within a week, it’s all over. He’s arrested, tried and nailed to a cross. ”It is done” he cries. And then he’s gone. Hope is crushed, hope is shattered, hope dies and as three days pass all hope is gone.

But God has not abandoned his people, the cross was a completion not a failure of the task. Hope is not dead, hope is not lost….there is still one hope….

The Aberdeen Passion 2014:One Hope takes the audience back to relive these times of turmoil and hopelessness through the eyes of many of the people most affected by those events over 2000 years ago. Once again we live through those final days of Jesus’ ministry on Earth through action and song helped by over 100 on-stage performers and a script firmly rooted in the first-hand accounts of those who knew Jesus best.

Hope was lost but rose again…One hope for all!

Andover Passion Play and Nativity

This page is a record of the Andover Passion and Nativity Plays in 2010-12.

Andover performed a Classic Nativity in December 2012 as well as a pantomime-style interpritation of the Nativity on January the 3rd and 4th. The Pantomime took place at Andover College Studio Theatre, Charlton Rd., Andover.

Andover (Hampshire) performed their third passion, THE PASSION OF JESUS in April of 2012.  The script was written and supported by Peter Hutley. The team also performed the Nativity on the High Street also last December using their choir, narration, rap, poetry and creating a tableau as the story unfolded with Mary, Joseph, donkey, shepherds and kings.

Director email:
Tel 01264 324196 or mob 07933785368


Auchtermuchty Nativity


The Fife Nativity (formally known as The Lochiehead Nativity) is an entertaining play for everyone as well as a gentle reminder of the lovely Christian principles on which we are meant to run our lives: love, kindness, care for all, patience and forgiveness – all of these are brought out in some measure in our play.

Our Nativity starts around the arrival of Joseph and Mary at the inn, there are shepherds in the fields tending their flocks, the Angel Gabriel, three wise men, a real baby Jesus, real animals and stunning costumes. There is great music and carols. Altogether a moving and memorable experience for young and old alike.



The Passion Play in Abingdon will take place on SUNDAY 13 MARCH 2016  at   11AM   and   3PM


Join us for Abingdon’s Passion Play – an exciting, dramatic presentation depicting the events of the last week in the life of Jesus Christ .The Abingdon Passion Play 2016 is a dramatic, fast-paced retelling of the Easter story with an original script and a new beautifully composed musical score. It uses a band of female storytellers to give the piece its narrative drive and the female followers of Jesus a voice. It is being staged in the Market Place in front of the museum and is a real community effort with a large cast of all ages from the Abingdon area, a choir of over 50 adults from church and community choirs and 6 primary schools involved.

In true Passion Play tradition, watch Jesus’ triumphal entry on a donkey, his arrest and false trial, and finally his crucifixion and the resurrection. The audience can follow the action as the story unfolds. The last production in 2013 drew well over a thousand people onto the streets of Abingdon in freezing conditions. We anticipate even larger numbers this time

We advise that you arrive about half an hour before the performance starts and wear warm clothing and we request that umbrellas are not used. Children (and adults if they like!) can feel part of the experience by dressing as a biblical character and bringing a ‘palm leaf’ to wave – for costume ideas and palm templates, please check out our website. Running time is approximately 1 1/2 hours

Some scenes may be unsuitable for small children