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Great Waltham

The next Passion Play at Great Waltham will be in various locations in the city centre from 9-16 April 2017.


Last Days in Jerusalem will take place in a number of different locations in the village of The Last Supper IMG_1771 [637690]Great Waltham, including some scenes in the church itself. The script draws from all of the gospel accounts, and begins with Jesus teaching and healing, and preparing his disciples for the final journey to Jerusalem. The journey ends with the crucifixion, enacted on Good Friday in the churchyard, and visible from the pub and the shop in the centre of the village. But there isMatthew the Narrator IMG_1166 one final scene to the play, on Easter Sunday morning as the women come to the empty tomb, culminating with Mary Magdalene’s encounter with the risen Christ.Mary of Magdala IMG_1775 - Copy [637692]


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