Isle of Man

photo of MANX PASSION SHOW INFORMATIONManx Passion The Mysteries, adapted by Christopher Denys from the York, Chester and Wakefield Cycles of Mystery Plays and directed by Jan Palmer Sayer Sunday 13th – Friday18th April 2014.

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Join us for a promenade performance of this extraordinary piece of touring community theatre set amid some of the finest sites on the island. See them all, and you will witness all the bible’s best bits, from the ejection from the Garden of Eden, to Noah’s Flood; from the animosity of brothers to the arrest and trial of Jesus. The play has been divided into three bite-size chunks, each running for 60 minutes or so and each will be sp

ecially adapted to the site in which it is performed. Some of the island’s finest actors and musicians have come forward to take part and as a theatrical experience, suitable for the whole family, it is not to be missed. If you want to see the whole marathon in one swoop, then book to see our first performance in Rushen Abbey, but if you want to combine some visits to some of the wonderful settings on the island, select your route through the three parts and get your tickets online from the VillaGaiety website (cfv – available from March 17th or in person at the Welcome Centre or the Villa Marina. Admission in some of the venues will be limited, and is by ticket only, so be sure to book early.

Each part of the Manx Passion stands alone as a separate piece of drama, but, having seen one you will want to see all three. The drama starts with the Creation, staged at Mooragh Park, Ramsey, and King William’s College, goes through the Nativity (

complete with live sheep!) staged at both St John’s, Tynwald and Kirk Maughold, and culminates on Good Friday with the Passion, staged amid the atmospheric ruins of Peel Castle as well as the cliffside setting of St Anthony’s, Onchan.

Full details of all performances are as follows:

Sunday 13th April at 2pm Creation, Nativity and Passion Rushen Abbey
Monday 14th April at 6.30pm Creation Mooragh Park, Ramsey
Tuesday 15th April at 6.30pm Nativity St John The Baptist, Tynwald

Wednesday 16th April at 6.30pm Creation King William’s College
Thursday 17th April at 6.30pm Nativity Kirk Maughold Good
Friday 18th April at Noon The Passion Peel Castle Good
Friday 18th April at 6pm The Passion St Anthony’s, Onchan

Remember to dress warmly and wear sensible shoes; the performance will continue, whatever the weather!