This page is a record of past performances of Kendal’s Passion Play.

This passion play was launched in 2011 with dramatic scenes, costumes and music, a grand finale at Kendal Castle and a “fire sculpture” display to accompany the scenes following the Resurrection. Organisers say volunteers from the whole community of Kendal and district, with or without any connection with a religion, took part in this important dramatic event. See the following blog for images of this play and visit this site for information about future performances.

It has been said that 2012’s Passion Play, to be performed in the streets of central Kendal and at the Castle at the Easter weekend, is the first passion play in the town for 400 years. But what and when was the last one?

Many towns in England had their own locally-produced “Mystery” plays, performed on set occasions from medieval times through to the end of the 16th Century, often in the open air, at festival times such as Easter, Christmas and Whitsuntide. These plays represented, in a popular form (often with comic interludes) various events described in the Bible, including a play or plays on the passion of Jesus from trial to crucifixion and resurrection. They came to be put on mainly by members of guilds, or craft associations, each guild having one or more story to tell in its play.

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