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Marlborough to host a Passion Play on 15th April 2017.


The Marlborough Community Passion Play, a community performance will take place in various locations around the town.

It will be free to attend, and you won’t need a ticket.

This exciting project aims to involve as many people within the town and wider community as possible. We are expecting a cast of around 250 with another 100 local people working behind the scenes.

The inspiration of drama teacher Helen Stokes and art teacher husband Vincent, they are continually being joined by an enthusiastic and committed team of local people. Will you be one of us?

Helen said, “I have been keen to do this for a few years, since I retired from class room teaching and now feels like the right time. There have been a number of unexpected prompts, affirmations and doors opening. Chatting with Lara over coffee and discovering her family to be behind the Trafalgar Square and Wintershall Estate Passion Plays was the initial ‘light bulb moment’. We could do that!”

There have been many passion plays, Oberammergau of course, Edinburgh, Brighton, Leicester, Guildford, Devizes and Wroughton. Now it is Marlborough’s turn.



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