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This passion play is no longer being performed. If you would like to start a new play in your town or city, please contact the Passion Trust for help, advice and funding. This page is a record of the Woodstock Passion Play 2014


logo-260On Palm Sunday afternoon, 2014, a cast of over eighty local people, including actors, musicians, and both a community choir and children’s choir formed for the occasion, presented the events of Holy Week and Easter morning using the Town Square and the Museum Gardens. It was a great success and touched the hearts of many people.

You can find a full report and some pictures of the play here. You can also read about it in the Oxford Mail.

Several churches in Woodstock & Bladon have long had a passion for creating an outdoor play re-enacting the events of Holy Week and Easter. After all, it is a great story about love, sacrifice, power, expediency, relationships, betrayal, forgiveness and hope – themes which resonate with all of us, whoever we are. For some, it has deeper significance depending on how much of the story you believe to be actually true and what you think about who the people involved actually were. But, whether you are someone of faith or not, the story itself has shaped the lives of millions of people over the years, as well as our cultural and artistic heritage, and remains an important element in understanding the things and people around us. As a result, it is a story that needs to be told and retold.

Sadly, while elements of the story remain reasonably well-known, over recent years, with an increasingly secularized society, as well as a culture where there are now many other competing demands, the story has begun to fade. We want to do something about that.